Streaming TV and Movies on Your Devices with Roku

streamingWith the growing usage of consumer electronics the market is flooded with new and improved ways to get your digital content. You are no longer limited to watching television in your living room using your cable providers services; you are no longer limited to renting movies from one rental store. Now you can watch television almost anywhere you go, on any device, and you can rent movies instantly from many different services.

What Is Roku
Roku is a small device that plugs directly into your television USB port. It is an easy way to stream entertainment to your TV. It usually costs around $50 for the device and comes with a remote so you can navigate the system. You can carry the device with you; it is about the size of a small USB flash drive, and you can immediately plug it into any tv to begin streaming content.

What Does It Offer?
Roku allows users access to Netflix on your TV as well as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Youtube, Pandora, and other channels like HBO Go and PBS if you have a subscription. Some cable providers will use their broadband to block access to these channels when you use a Roku device or other streaming service because they want you to pay them for the channels instead of another company. But many channels do work and it’s a great way to Stream Netflix and Amazon Prime instant videos.

Netflix On Your TV
Netflix is not live TV, but a website with many different shows and movies. Netflix has many of it’s own produced movies and sitcoms or dramas that are only available through that company. Some people use this as an addition to basic cable because it has so many movies and shows available to stream that are not available through a cable provider. It is less than $10 a month to have an account so others like to use this option instead of basic cable as it is much cheaper. Because it’s internet based, you can watch Netflix using any tablet or computer and can even watch it on a cell phone when you download the app. With Roku you can also stream it to your television. A user can choose the Netflix button right from the main screen and log into your account, having immediate access to hundreds of movies and television shows. You can now watch this Internet based technology through your televisions in your home.

Amazon Prime Instant Video
Amazon Prime is a yearly membership that costs around $100. It gives the user access to deals and free shipping on many items, as well as access to free movies and television shows. You can log into your Amazon Prime account right from the Roku Screen and begin to watch any tv shows or movies that are available on your account, even if you don’t pay for any cable channels.

Pandora and IHeart Radio
Roku also allows you to use free music sites such as Pandora and IHeart Radio. A user can type in a specific song or artist and music related to that artist or song will start playing. There are commercials because the apps are free, but they are usually only every 10 songs or so. This is a great way to stream many different types of music and discover new types of music through your television.

Roku Gives You More Options
Television is not only limited to cable providers and your living room; now you can watch it anywhere, at any time like through the internet. Watching through the internet also allows parents to monitor what their kids watch through spy apps for cell phones. Roku gives you that option and gives you the freedom to choose what you want to watch and how you want to watch it.